Built for Microsoft Outlook

Say hello to Molecula

Spend a lot of time digging into the inbox looking for the right contacts to send a group email?
Molecula is here to solve the problem.


Select a group

Molecula arranges your group emails into bubbles, each one shows the number of contacts in the group.



Set recipients

All contacts in the group line up automatically. Rearrange recipients in the TO and CC fields, if necessary.

That’s easy, right?


…and send!

Compose a message for the whole group, remember the subject line and click Send.

Wow, how fast was that?!

That’s clear. Show me how to access Molecula.

How can i access Molecula?

  • Open Outlook > Click New Email
  • Click Apps for Office > Find more apps at the Office Store > Find and add Molecula
  • Open Outlook > Click New Email
  • Click Apps for Office > Find more apps at the Office Store > Find and add Molecula
  • Open Outlook > Click New to begin a new email
  • Click Add-ins > Get more add-ins > Find Molecula in the Office Store > Switch On

What’s Molecula for?

Molecula is an Outlook add-in that allows you to quickly send group emails. Say, you want to drop an email to your hiking buddies. Or send a Calendar invite to the key account managers. Or share a GIF of the cutest kitten you’ve ever seen =) How much time would you spend on digging up the right contacts in your mailbox? That’s time wasted. How many people were accidentally left out of discussion? That’s can be awkward...
Molecula saves you the trouble and helps you find and interact with your most frequent groups easily! So you can focus on the message.

What is a group email?

Group email is any email message sent to a group of people. That’s you and at least 2 more people in any field – TO, CC, or BCC. Group emails with succeeding replies tend to form long (sometime extremely long) email threads.

Do my email contacts also need to have Molecula installed?

No! Your friends and colleagues don’t have to have Molecula installed. Their email addresses will show up in your bubbles anyway. You are very much welcome to spread the word though!

Is it only Outlook emails that show up in Molecula bubbles?

No! All types of email addresses are included in bubbles regardless of domain. Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, any private or corporate accounts. Basically all email contacts that appear in group emails. But if your mailbox is empty, or if you don’t have any group emails, there will be simply no bubbles to show. Why wait, start a group email yourself!

How many contacts can a bubble hold?

A bubble contains at least 2 contacts apart from yours. The top range is pretty much unlimited. And that’s the beauty of Molecula – you can start a group email to 5, 10, 15 recipients in just a click! You can even have a hundred contacts in a bubble, but you are not a spammer, aren’t you?

Is the number of bubbles limited?

Wow, you sure do have a lot of group conversations! You’ll see roughly as many bubbles as many recent group emails you had. Molecula takes into account your 1000 most recent emails. Visually over 10 bubbles may look a bit crammed, but as you hover over a bubble, it surfaces to the foreground for a closer look.

What do I need to install Molecula?

You should have an email account on Office 365 with Exchange Online. Then you access Molecula add-in on Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, or Outlook Web Access (OWA). From desktop or mobile devices. On-premise, dedicated, or hybrid Exchange environments are not supported.

What logic does Molecula have to group my contacts?

  • When you open the add-in, Molecula indexes your recent 1000 emails in your mailbox and finds your most recent group emails and threads.
  • Then these emails are arranged into bubbles. Each one is named after an email subject. But say, you have 3 email threads with the same people, but on different subjects. In this case Molecula will create only one bubble - to ensure that each bubble has unique set of contacts.
  • Each bubble contains a number. That’s the count of unique email addresses in the thread. Molecula accounts for all recipients who have ever participated in a thread.
  • Next, Molecula arranges all contacts in a bubble. Nope, that’s not a random list! Molecula suggests the best position of recipients in the TO and CC fields. If a person appears in the CC field of an email thread more frequently, Molecula will suggest the similar position.
  • And the coolest thing – bubbles come in different sizes! The bigger the bubble – the more frequent emailing you have with that group. The relative frequency is measured by the number of replies in the thread.

Is Molecula available for Outlook on iOS?

Office Add-ins are not yet supported in Office for Mac, but the word is it’s coming soon! In the meanwhile Molecula can be used from web interface from any iOS device – you can start a new group email from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Are my contacts, and personal information safe? Are they stored on Molecula server?

That’s a fair concern, but we’ve got your covered! We do not store emails or contacts. Molecula bubbles are dynamic – they are configured on the fly from your 1000 recent emails when you open the add-in. Here is our Privacy Policy and Microsoft Privacy Policy applicable for Office Add-ins.

A lot of spam also comes as group emails, does Molecula filter that?

Definitely! Molecula doesn’t take spam emails into account. Molecula not only refers to your mailbox spam filters, but also applies its own logic to disregard spam emails.

Who made this add-in?

The concept of Molecula was conceived by Peter Liapin, CTO at WavePoint Co. Ltd., and our Office productivity guru:
“I started to work with Office 365 about 3 years ago and really enjoyed developing Add-ins for Office. In January 2016 I took part in Hack Productivity competition by Microsoft. That's how Molecula was born. It won the 3rd prize and popular choice award!” Read more